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What Signs Show It’s Time to Upgrade Your Site to Dedicated Hosting?

While a shared hosting or a VPS plan is a great solution for beginners, you will reach a point where your online business needs more resources. If you’ve been aiming for growth since the early stages, it may be the right time for an upgrade. Here are 6 signs that show you’re ready for switching to a dedicated server!

1. The website is slow

A slow website can affect your business negatively. First off, visitors are more likely to leave if the pages don’t load in 3 seconds or less. This means a higher bounce rate and lower page rankings. Secondly, you will lose sales, since they didn’t see what your offer was. If you made a few tests and noticed performance has been slipping, you can’t let things continue this way.

2. You don’t have enough storage space

Everyone needs media elements like photos or videos to provide good experiences for users. Optimizing this type of content with plugins or through compression can free up the storage space, but isn’t always the best alternative. You may have more content than your current hosting plan can handle. If that sounds familiar, investing in a dedicated server will deliver faster performance and let you have peace of mind.

3. You’re experiencing traffic increases

Is your monthly traffic steadily increasing? When you’re in this position, it means your marketing efforts brought results. It doesn’t have to become a problem, because you already made more money and you’ll afford a quality hosting plan. Make sure your business is ready for what’s coming, especially if you have a big budget ready for advertising. Dedicated servers provide better bandwidth, so you won’t have to worry about growing too fast.

5. You want complete server control

When you rent a dedicated hosting plan, it means you can control the entire computer. You’re no longer sharing resources with other clients in any way, so it’s impossible to be affected by their actions. Also, you don’t even have the limits from your VPS. As long as you know what you’re doing, a dedicated server allows more configurations. People that don’t love technical aspects can hire someone else to do their job or choose management services. It requires more money, but in the long run you’ll save time and can focus on your business goals.

6. Security is a concern

When you separate yourself from anyone else, you automatically achieve a higher level of privacy. Besides a dedicated IP, you get better protection for your website on a dedicated server. There’s no other user who could have malware or a security breach, so you’re the only one responsible for what’s happening with the computer. Most plans also come up with anti-DDoS systems, regular back-ups or similar features. 

Are you ready to get the best dedicated server?

If you think your online business needs more resources, it’s a good moment to invest in dedicated hosting. Start with a smaller plan to see what difference is in the performance and security. If you’re confident that the website will grow, this might be one of the best decisions you make.

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