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What Are the Major Benefits of Using a Dedicated Server for Your Business?

A business that operates on a dedicated server gets complete ownership over all the resources. That means the entire disk space, RAM memory and processing power is available for your brand. While the price is expensive compared to a shared server or a VPS, in the long run, you get higher benefits. Here’s why this investment might be worth it!

Improved Performance

Site speed is important not just for SEO and rankings, but for visitors who come to your website. Just imagine how many sales you will lose when you have a slow loading time. A highly powered dedicated server means good bandwidth, which leads to a lower bounce rate. Since you’ll provide an amazing experience each time, more people will remember your brand.

Dedicated IP

When you’re renting a dedicated server, the computer has its own IP address. Unlike shared plans, there’s no other website who uses the same combination of numbers. This leads to a better email deliverability. As long as you don’t spam recipients, the management will be simpler. You can also use additional dedicated IPs for multiple websites on the same server. This can be useful if you want to prevent unauthorized network access, control permissions or save yourself time when server DNS records have trouble.

Security Features

Because the resources are not shared with anybody, the security is entirely in your hands. In other words, you’re the one who controls what happens with the operating system, website and applications. A good dedicated server includes services like DDoS protection, automated back-ups and an active firewall. You won’t have to worry about other hosting clients and their potentially bad behavior or malware.


You can upgrade or scale back the resources according to your business needs. A dedicated hosting allows administrators to add memory, space or processing power depending on their importance in operations. The environment can be fully managed or you might hire employees to take care of the maintenance. The bandwidth also gives you more capabilities to expand the potential of your online site. You don’t need to think about traffic spikes at all. You’re ready for any unexpected growth — the server has you covered.

Choose the best dedicated server

Most dedicated hosting providers have attractive packages at first sight. However, it’s quite difficult to choose a solution when you don’t have too much knowledge on the topic. 

To make things easier, keep in mind the following factors:

  • CPU cores: Most times, you’ll get between 4 and 12 CPU cores in your plan. The more cores you have, the more data will be processed.
  • RAM memory: It is recommended to have at least 4GB RAM, but you can also think about dedicated servers from 8 to 64GB. The amount of RAM makes a difference between a responsive and a slow business, so consider the current needs to make a good decision. Having a podcast is different from running an e-commerce store with lots of clients. So it’s having a social network or a big data project.
  • Storage type: Even if HDD dedicated servers have more memory, any SSD will load almost 100 times faster. If speed is a concern, it’s clear what’s the right path.

When opting for a good server, you might want to still use a control panel. It’s possible, as long as you buy a monthly license for the same feature. The right dedicated hosting unlocks time and energy for a business owner to focus more on the company’s growth.

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