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7 Awesome Ways to Use a Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a type of hosting where you rent the entire computer for your business. The purpose is to increase performance and get access to better security. After subscribing to a plan, you will be able to use the resources in multiple ways. In this article, you’ll see 7 possibilities!

1.Website hosting

Since you get lots of space, RAM and bandwidth, you can host multiple websites without having to worry about latency. Dedicated hosting guarantees you a top-notch user experience, no matter the niche you’re in. The speed is important for search engine optimization, because it will increase the conversion rate. The bigger the plan, the easier it’ll be to sustain hundreds of thousands or even millions of visitors. 

2.Data backup

Even if you have success in the online world, you never know when a cyber attack or technical issue will cause your company to lose all the data. Fortunately, you can get over such events in a short time. Rent a dedicated server and make it your back-up system. After you do this, you will access the content from any device and it’ll be simple to restore it. Also, you can save your personal files to always have them in a safe place.

3.Voice over internet protocol (VoIP)

A VoIP system helps you make calls sessions over an internet connection, rather than using the classic phone line. As a result, you will have cheaper monthly bills and more advanced features. For instance, you might integrate a CRM, forward voicemails to email, record calls in the servers or forward customers. Many VoIP services only work on computer systems, so a dedicated server is great for enabling them.

4.Game server

Do you love playing multiplayer games, such as Minecraft or CS:GO? In this case, you already thought about creating a private server to have fun with your friends. You don’t need to use your own computer though. Dedicated hosting involves powerful processors and 99,9% uptime. The gaming experience will be better, without slow speed or any glitches.

5.Company analytics

Analytical tools help companies measure their business growth rate. Using this technology, you will have a better understanding of customers behaviors and marketing effectiveness. It’s a great strategy if you want to increase the sales or see what areas need improvement. A dedicated server will be the perfect environment to get the most data, especially if you choose a plan that was made for the same task.

6.Test server

Developers like dedicated hosting because they can try out new software or test their apps before the official launch. If you don’t have too much experience in this space, a test server means you will see how the features work without harming your own operating system. The same environment is ideal for learning code or notice bugs and errors.

7.VPN Network

A virtual private network (VPN) improves the internet connection by using advanced encryption. Nobody else will be able to read where you’re from when you navigate online. Besides that, your IP address will be changed. In the end you will get over regional restrictions and can browse anonymously. A dedicated server can be used to set up a VPN, providing more security for the user.

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