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4 Common Mistakes While Choosing A Dedicated Server

Choosing the right dedicated server for your business is a challenging task. With so many options available on the market, you can get confused very easily. It’s important to be careful, because otherwise you’ll make a wrong investment. In this post, we will discuss some of the common mistakes and how to avoid them!

1.Going only for low-costs servers

Although your monthly costs matter, you should not look only at the cheapest solutions. If you wish to move a website or applications on dedicated hosting, it means you already enjoy huge traffic and customers. Make the decision based on factors like speed, uptime and realibility. 

You need as many benefits as possible to provide a greater user experience. Otherwise, your brand won’t be able to sustain fast growth and people will perceive it negatively. Aim for a balance between price and quality to get the best results.

2.Underestimate security threats

You don’t want to compromise the security of the dedicated server. Not caring enough about this aspect means risks of potential threats. Many cyber criminals are looking for protection loopholes when they choose a target, so you shouldn’t let them create any issue. Search for a dedicated server that includes:

  • Automated back-ups: With this service, you’re able to restore content that was deleted or modified without permission. It’s also great to automate the same task, since you don’t want to waste your time doing it manually.
  • DDoS protection: A firewall on your dedicated server provides special protection against traffic attacks from botnets. These events prevent regular visitors from arriving at their destination and will lead to downtime.
  • Technical support: When you run a successful online business, it’s normal to experience technical errors. Having a support team is great because you will make things go back to normal fast and won’t lose sales.

Keep in mind security can be optimized, so it’s a good idea to spend some time doing a few configurations. This way, you will attain better efficiency and won’t have to worry so much about vulnerabilities.

3.Choosing the wrong location

The location of the data center has an impact on website speed. At the moment, slow loading pages impact companies like never before. Most visitors will leave if the content isn’t shown in 3 seconds or less. Time is money when it comes to an online business that has a reputation. 

When a data center is too far away, people will experience bad time responses. The longer the distance, the higher the latency. Make sure you don’t neglect this factor if you deal with lots of visitors each day and select a data center that is nearer to your establishment.

4.Not considering server’s category

First-time buyers usually make this mistake. They search for a dedicated server thinking all the solutions are created equal. It’s important to understand some dedicated servers are better for websites, while others are built for big data, machine learning or AI projects. Businesses are now everywhere, being hard to adopt advanced technologies without specific products or services. Think about your current needs and it’ll be easier to make the right decision.

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