Service Level Agreement

The uptime of your site or services is critical to your business success.  This Service Level Agreement (SLA) details our obligations to provide the service availability as set out below, excluding planned or emergency maintenance or any condition beyond our reasonable control.

Should we fail to meet our obligations under the SLA you will be entitled to claim a service credit as set out below:

The Service Level Agreement applies to all Cloud, Dedicated or Co-Located customers with CloudSpace (Think Systems UK Ltd) whose account is in good financial standing.

Data Transmission \ Latency SLA

Inter-European < or = 40ms
UK to New York < or = 90ms
UK to USA < or = 130ms
Packet Loss < 0.1%

Should Network availability fall below 99.99% for any reasons other than planned or emergency maintenance or through Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS), you will be entitled to claim under the SLA:

99.5% and < 99.99% 1 day (1/30)
99% and less than 99.5% 7 days (7/30)
97.5% and less than 99% 12 days (12/30)
Less than 97.5% 30 days (30/300)

Server Hardware

We guarantee that the server hardware on which your service resides will be available for 100% of the time in any calendar month.  We will replace a failed part within 3 hours of the issue being logged in our ticketing system.

You will be entitled to service credit equal to 1/30th of your monthly fees for the affected service for each 30 minutes of downtime over the 3 hour hardware replacement to a maximum of one months fees for the affected service.

In the case of hard drive failure, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they have an adequate backup of the system and CloudSpace shall not be responsible for restoring such data except in the case where a managed backup service is purchased from us.  Service shall be deemed available from the point at which the server is online and pingable.

Claims under this SLA are to be made by the Customer within 7 days of the failure by submitting a ticket through the portal.  Your ticket must clearly demonstrate evidence of the outage, date of outage, start and end time.

For the avoidance of doubt actual recorded downtime shall be that of CloudSpace internal monitoring systems and not that of the customer.

We will provide reboots of your Dedicated Servers at no charge 24 hours a day.

Power and HVAC Availability

We guarantee a power and HVAC availability of 99.999%.  In the event that service levels fall below 99.999% in a 30 day period you will be entitled to a service credit as set out below:

99.5% and < 99.999% 1 day (1/30)
99% and less than 99.5%    7 days (7/30)
97.5% and less than 99% 12 days (12/30)
Less than 97.5%    30 days (30/300)