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R1 Soft CDP

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Continuous Data Protection

Your data is backed up at the block level bypassing the file system and reading directly from the disk or volume.

Key advantages include much increased speed, drastic reduction if disk and network IO and the ability to backup as often as every 15 minutes.

Flexible - Support the major variants of both physical and virtual servers. Including Majority of Linux Variant (including custom kernels), Windows Server Platform and the popular virtualisation technologies. Support for MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Exchange.

Fast - Recover large file systems or entire file systems fast with the bare-metal restore functionality. Restore files granularly on demand, even if a backup is running.

Secure - Further AES-256 Disk Safe Encryption can be enabled at the time of creating ensuring the security of your stored data and in the trans.


R1 Soft CDP has a proven track record or delivering consistent results and is trust by over 1,800 service providers protecting some 250,000 servers world wide.


Starting from as little as 15 per server you can achieve enterprise level protection with no capital outlay and no hidden costs.


Your data is replicated across multiple physically diverse locations ensuring data security in the unlikely event of a catastrophic failure at our datacentre.

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Snap Shot

Included FREE

Snap Shot Backup Storage

Simple Snap Shot backup of your entire virtual machine on a daily basis.
  • Daily Snapshots
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NFS Storage

From £5.00 per month

Continuous Data Protection

Self Managed file transfer based backup service that can be used for server backups or archive data storage.
  • Access via FTP, SFTP and RSYNC
  • Starting at £5 /mo for 50GB

Contact Sales for Mass Storage options greater than 2TB

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