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Cloud Load Balancer

From £49.99 per month
Sudden traffic spikes can play havoc with your website or application with outages resulting in lost revenue and damage to your brand.
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Highly available
  • Flexible

A cloud load balancer allows you to manage your traffic by distributing it evenly over multiple cloud servers helping to prevent overload and ultimately increasing performance.

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Private Network

From £4.99 per month
We provide a dedicated port in a private vlan allowing you to connect multiple servers together so they can communicate securely via their own private network.
  • Increased network security
  • Free from bandwidth charges
  • Lowest possible latency
  • 1 Gbps Private Network per Server
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Additional IP Space

From £4.00 per month
Additional IP Addresses can be added to your server at any point subject to RIPE justification.
  • UK Registered IP Address
  • Larger Subnets Available

If you have specialist requirements then please contact our sales team.

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Expertly Managed 24/7 Support; Want a dedicated server without the hassle of day to day management?

CloudSpace has a team of system administrators who specialise in all aspects of server management.

Hosted on the latest server hardware, in our premium UK datacentre our team proactively monitor every aspect of your dedicated server.

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