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How it works

A low latency trusted network


Cloud hosting designed from
the ground up

Utilising the latest in server and storage technologies our Cloud is designed to self-heal in the event of failure providing an enterprise grade hosting platform at super low prices.

How does the cloud work?

With a traditional dedicated server all your data is stored on a single physical machine. There’s nothing wrong with that, it works great until you suffer a hardware fault or your server can no longer support the application running on it. Which means downtime whilst the fault is repaired or the hardware upgraded.

With the cloud your server sits in a secure virtual container on a cluster of hypervisors. Each hypervisor provides CPU and RAM to the virtual machines. Storage is provided by an enterprise grade storage network (SAN).

In the event of failure or an issue being detected on a particular hypervisor node your server can hot migrate to another node with minimal to no service interruption.

Furthermore, when your requirements change you can quickly scale your server adding additional CPU cores, RAM and Storage with a few simple clicks.

The technology behind it all

Your data is stored on an enterprise storage area network in a RAID-50 configuration to ensure ultimate resilience and performance enabling your server to be quickly hot migrated between hypervisors in the event of a hardware failure.

The hypervisor is the physical server where all the processing for your virtual machine operations takes place. Hardware is typically an enterprise grade Dell PowerEdge R430 or similar server.

The very design of the cloud allows us to remove a hypervisor for maintenance or replacement without disrupting customer services.

Its agility allows you to expand and contract your service with us quickly as your needs change drawing from a pool of infinite resources.

Our cloud operates on a dedicated network of high performance switches in a completely redundant configuration to ensure the continued uptime of your servers.

Connected to our core network operating on the latest of Juniper hardware to ensure consistent low latency and uncongested connectivity.

Our cloud servers operate on the Xen Virtualisation platform utilising the OnApp Cloud Management platform.

What does this mean for your next server?

24x7 UK Based Support

Our team of expert engineers are available 24/7 to assist you with your cloud server and with a 15 minute initial ticket response as standard.

99.99% Uptime

With our self-healing infrastructure your cloud server benefits from exceptional levels of uptime and resilience.

Highly Scalable

Our cloud is super flexible allowing you to draw on a infinite pool of resources as your requirements change.

Full Server Control

Our intuitive interface allows you to control every aspect of your cloud server from resource allocation to firewall configuration on both desktop and mobile devices

Ultra-Fast Deployment

Most Linux based cloud servers can be online within 60 seconds with windows servers typically completing deployment in under 15 minutes.

Free Snapshot Backup

All our servers include a free daily snapshot backup giving you peace of mind in the event of an issue with your server.

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